Timberline Events


The Cross Country Clash will not be returning in 2017. Every runner I spoke to about the series was very positive, saying what a great idea. But that did not result in enough registrations for the series to break even. Just to give you an idea of the financial risks a race director can take, close to $5,000 was lost over the last two years. This does not count the time spent in making the series happen. The time was not important as it was fun researching the different courses and staging the races, but it's hard to justify continuing a running series that loses large sums of money.

Thanks to those that supported the series. I know many of you enjoyed running the different courses and I feel bad the series won't continue. I wish it would have been financially feasible to keep the races going.

Be sure to check out my overnight relays: the Wild West Relay the first Friday and Saturday each August (Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs), and the Flaming Foliage Relay (Idaho Springs to Buena Vista - the revival of the best of the original Colorado Relay with single track trails and three mountain passes), the first Friday and Saturday after Labor Day. RLTRelays.com

Happy and Healthy Running.